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The Paper Bag Chronicles was created with the goal of instilling confidence and genuine self-love in young girls and women.  Originating from the first annual "The Paper Bag Chronicles" Fashion Show, Producer Braisha Owens
(kissed by BO) saw there was a need in the community to change the narrative of how women and young girls felt in their skin.  The fashion show embodied the message that you should love yourself and exude confidence-- even in a paper bag. Let your confidence shine through in anything you wear whether it's second-hand, designer or dripping in diamonds, you make the outfit.  With continuing the conversation "The Paper Bag Chronicles" will; help to build and develop a better sense of self, even greater sense of self-love and showcase women and girls of all shapes, sizes, color and creed being fearlessly and unapologetically confident in themselves.  

Embracing the Paper Bag Chronicles motto: Can you rock a paper bag?

  • Redefining the view of oneself

  • Identifies unhealthy and 

  • healthy ways to measure 

  • self worth

  • Defining self image, self concept, and self ideal.

  • Finding their personal 

  • definition of why the feel
     they can 

  • "rock a paper bag."

  • We produce workshop for different organizations, as well as in house.

Fashion Show
  •  Focusing on the ideal self, self-image, abilities, skills and measuring self-worth. 

  • Themed photo shoots/fashion shows all-encompassing showcasing women and girls of all shapes and sizes being fearlessly, unapologetically confident in themselves.

Collaboration Opportunities
  • We are always open to collaborate with  organizations on various projects.  Allowing confidence, and/or  self love to be the overall being the overall theme.  

This brand was built to collaborate, so don't hesitate to fill out the collaborate form under services -> services sign up,
if any of these tickle your fancy, or if you have an idea.

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